The Rooted Doula Collective (RDC) is a collaborative community of Black doulas based in Arizona. RDC offers culturally competent full-spectrum doula support to enrich and protect the experiences of Black pregnant people and families. For us, full-spectrum support means acknowledging the wide range of possibilities that pregnancies bring and providing support during the prenatal period, abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths, and live births, as well as during the postpartum period. 

Rooted Doula Collective offers a wide range of services including:

Birth support

Our birth support package includes at least three prenatal visits lasting from sixty to ninety minutes, continuous birth support from active labor up until three hours postpartum, and two postpartum visits. Doulas are available by phone, text, and email for additional support if needed. 

Postpartum support

Our postpartum support package includes forty days of postpartum support (with a 15 hour a week minimum). This support includes feeding support, infant care, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and ceremony if desired. 

Miscarriage and stillbirth support

Most people don’t plan for miscarriages and stillbirths so we do not necessarily offer this as a “package.” However, our doulas are equipped to provide care during the difficulties that come with loss including offering assistance navigating the birth/delivering experience, support during the birth and immediate postpartum period, and postpartum support at home if needed or desired. 

Medical abortion support

Our doulas are equipped to offer folks support during their medical abortion, whatever this may look like; such as, attending the clinic visit when the initial medications are explained, administered, and dispensed, providing support on the day that the second medication is taken at home to pass the pregnancy, which could include childcare, comfort measures, and preparing food in “postpartum” period.

A pregnant Black woman is seated on a couch with another Black woman touching her pregnant belly

Our Clients

“Our family absolutely loved having Phyliss as our doula. We feel a lifelong connection with her and cherish the memories made with her and everyone that attended our birth. We will definitely call her again for our 3rd baby when the time comes.”

– Cheyenne Billups

“I am very grateful for the experience I was able to have with Kierra from Rooted Doula Collective. She gave me a beautiful introduction to feeling more confident in my autonomy with being a first-time mom and being immersed in spaces with people that don’t look like me. The beginning of my pregnancy was introduced to a rude awakening of the high mortality rate for black and pregnant women. Having a black doula gave me the guidance to navigate through the system and stay afloat despite my trials and tribulations. I had no family here to support me through this emotional journey and working with this collective supplemented the support system I needed. I will never forget this experience and I’m grateful to have had the privilege to work with them!!!”

– Jamie B.