Students have traveled from across the United States and Canada for our abortion training program. These are their stories.

Strong Foundation

“My time at Desert Star Family Planning gave me incredible hands-on skills that allowed me to truly solidify my decision to provide reproductive care in the future. Dr. Taylor and her staff were amazing to work with and observe, especially during my inaugural exposure to abortion care. Dr. Taylor is a wonderful provider and teacher to learn from as a physician of immeasurable experience and knowledge. She created an environment for learning based on my experience to optimize the time and exposures. Similarly, I was able to gain invaluable understanding and skill regarding patient care from her nurses and medical assistants. I was able to learn many aspects of the practice from well-women exams, contraception, counseling, and abortion delivery. From all of this, I have laid a strong foundation from which to build as a future physician.”

~ Megan

I Now Feel Confident

“As a future women’s healthcare provider, I had always imagined myself providing abortion care.  My rotation at Desert Star Family Planning gave me the experience I needed to counsel and provide patients both surgical and medical abortions, explore the social and emotional factors that patients face, and learn to address post-abortion care.  I now feel confident moving forward in my ability to provide first trimester abortions and I have reaffirmed my desire to provide women with the comprehensive healthcare that they deserve.”



“My month rotating at Desert Star Family Planning was amazing! Dr. Taylor is an excellent teacher and all of the staff are incredible. Most medical students don’t get a chance to learn about abortion care in medical school so I’m thankful to the Institute for providing students like myself a chance to train with them!”



“I did a 2-week internship with Dr. Taylor and her staff. I learned so much about the Health Care System. Dr. Taylor and her staff took care of the patients with greatest empathy and respect. The knowledge and warmth that Dr. Taylor brought to her work taught me immensely. Moreover, despite her busy schedule, Dr. Taylor took time out to teach students like myself to be better physicians. I will forever be in debt for my time in her office.”



“My rotation and experience at Desert Star Family Planning was wonderful! Dr. Taylor allowed me to be very hands-on with patients. I gained great experience triaging, counseling, and assisting in medical and surgical procedures. The office staff are all very welcoming, easy to get along with, and it is apparent that everyone has a passion for providing excellent care for patients. I highly recommend pursuing a rotation at DSFP for anyone with an interest in family planning and/or women’s health!”



“As a student nurse practitioner I have to say that I absolutely loved my rotation and the clinical experience I received with Dr. Taylor and her staff at Desert Star Family Planning. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun while learning too. Dr. Taylor is not only a very skilled and knowledgeable physician, but she is also a fabulous teacher, and allows you to be very hands on. Her staff is friendly and helpful as well. I would definitely do it all over again if I had the opportunity.”



“I rotated with Dr. Taylor as a Family Medicine resident and would choose to do the same again in an instant. She is an enthusiastic and evidence-based teacher, and the rotation was very hands-on. It is so important that more primary care physicians have an opportunity to gain experience in family planning and ultrasound and Dr. Taylor willingly helps to fill this void.”



“My clinical rotation with Dr. Taylor and the staff at Desert Star was one of the most valuable experiences I had in medical school. I really appreciated every interaction I had with each patient and the ability to grow more comfortable with discussing and administering abortion care and contraception. The work they do here is so important not only for the patients but also for future abortion providers.”

~ Sara


“As a fourth year medical student, I chose this OB/GYN rotation for the opportunity to work in a new city, Phoenix, while simultaneously training in a less understood aspect of the field, being an abortion provider. Although I had limited exposure to the actual clinical practice regarding abortion care, prior to the rotation I felt I had decent knowledge of the subject. As the staff can attest, I was consistently surprised on a daily basis about the regulations and barriers put in place to prevent women from accessing reproductive healthcare in a conservative state, both legislatively and financially. Moreover, this was contrasted with my appreciation that in the 2 weeks I was working at the clinic, the entire spectrum of women presented to the clinic for this service: young, old, married, single, with children and with-out, as well as every race and religion. While I should have expected this based on the statistics regarding abortion, being able to put those numbers into context with patient cases was a powerful experience.”