Desert Star Institute for Family Planning was born out of an increasing demand for abortion training that Dr. Taylor was not able to meet within her clinical practice alone.

2017: Strong Beginnings

In 2017, she started receiving requests from all over the United States and Canada from medical students, residents, and attending physicians. Opportunities had dwindled for abortion training and people were willing to travel to get it. Although abortion is required learning in medical schools, there is no robust curriculum.

Medical students in white coats and stethoscopes smiling.

Abortion training is required for Obstetrics and Gynecology residencies, but there are often obstacles to meaningful training. Dr. Taylor committed herself to taking on the magnificent task of forming the organization we lovingly refer to as “The Institute”.

It’s not enough to invite trainees into the clinic to follow the clinician around and watch. Dr. Taylor’s philosophy is that people do not truly learn until they actually DO the procedure. 2017 was the year of creating a solid foundation from which to grow and serve.

2018: Accepting Our First Physicians

Smiling physician in training standing in the hallway of Desert Star clinic.

In 2018 Desert Star Institute for family planning attained the very important milestone of 501c3 tax exempt status.

We also accepted our first physicians for training. The Institute now has the capacity to train health professions students from several disciplines: pre-health internships, nurse practitioner students, medical students years 1-4, post graduate and attending physicians have all trained with us.

Dr. Taylor is training approximately 40 weeks out of the year and the word is out that The Institute is where hands-on training happens.

2019: New Partnerships

In 2019 we became one of 25 organizations across the country to partner with Medicines360 and Direct Relief to provide the Liletta IUD to uninsured people for long acting contraception. This partnership has expanded our access to additional resources for the community we serve. Our vision is for this program to grow to provide all forms of long acting reversible contraceptives to people without the ability to pay.

2020: Going Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged us to re-imagine our training and community programs. We joined the millions of people using the Zoom platform to continue to connect with our community of trainees and supporters.

We are so grateful for our original incorporator Stacey Stewart who was also an inaugural board member with Cynde Cerf-Dehmer. These phenomenal women shared the vision of what Desert Star Institute for Family Planning would become and will forever be a part of its foundation.