Our Mission

To create equitable access to reproductive health care for womb bearing people while centering Black and Indigenous people of color.

Our Vision

Access to the full range of just, dignified, and exceptional reproductive health care is available to people who can become pregnant regardless of circumstance or zip code, and is provided by compassionate health care professionals who also advocate for reproductive health and justice in their communities.

Our Priorities

Train the next generation of abortion providers within a framework that focuses on the whole person and provides a unique understanding of the barriers historically marginalized people may encounter in medical communities where they’ve felt excluded.

Deliver educational content and programs that help people from historically marginalized communities access reproductive health care and exercise autonomy over their bodies and lives.

Engage, build relationships, and mobilize local policy makers, advocates, and community members directly impacted by harmful policies toward an Arizona that provides the conditions for people to freely decide when and how to form families and raise children.