Desert Star Institute for Family Planning, Inc is a Black Woman founded and led organization that was founded to address extreme gaps in training related to women’s reproductive health, specifically abortion and contraception. We are steadfast in our resolve to not only sustain, but increase access to reproductive health services to people who can become pregnant.

Who We Are

We are filling the gaps in traditional medical education, empowering reproductive healthcare advocates, and cultivating abortion providers to sustain access to the full range of reproductive health care for womb bearing people.

Learn more about how we started and our continued growth as an organization.

Meet the diverse team of individuals that lend their talents to make our work possible.

Our Work

We operate 3 scopes of work to help mitigate the erosion of women’s reproductive health access, specifically access to abortion and birth control, in our on community and across the country. See how we help and learn more about the mission and vision driving our work.